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Skilled Rifle & Skilled Rifle 2.0


SR & SR2.0 (Formerly Practical Rifle) Works with the new or seasoned semi-auto rifle owner that wants to learn how to use it more effectively. These classes will teach the shooter weapons efficiency, along with giving them the correct understanding of its limitations. This is an excellent class for people wanting to build and/or sharpen their skill set. Students will presented the custom  zeroing methodology, and re-zero their rifles if desired. Then through instruction and drill, we will help define their current skill set, and begin building on it. The course will start off in manipulations and marksmanship, then progress into movement, and teamwork.  It is recommended that new students attend SR before SR 2.0.


Skilled Handgun & Skilled Handgun 2.0
SH & SH 2.0(Formerly Practical Handgun) focus is on building a solid foundation in the fundamentals of handgun shooting, as well as learning the basics of fighting with a gun. Each class is 1 day long, and requires 250 rounds of ammunition. Students will be instructed and challenged in drills of fundamentals and marksmanship, then progress into movement drills. Proper mindset is pushed in SH 2.0.
All designed to build one into a much stronger shooter.


Skilled AK

SK is a 1 day course focused on the exclusive use of the AK platform.  Students will adjust and confirm zeros, work manipulations, close quarter marksmanship drills, progress into use of cover/concealment, and courses of fire.

Expert Handgun

EH is a 1 day focused for shooters with several pistol courses under their belt.  They will be challenged in timed drills, courses of fire, and advanced tasks while moving and shooting.


Practical Shotgun
In PS Course, students will gain a new appreciation for the capabilities of the 12 gauge pump-action or traditional semi-auto shotgun platform. This course will cover everything from ideal shotgun setup, Zeroing,  ammo management, slug marksmanship, buckshot patterning, as well as several loading techniques for competition, hunting, and defensive use.


Expert Rifle

ER is a 1 day course set up for shooters with several rifle courses under their belt.

They will be challenged in timed drills, moving courses of fire, and collective tasks while moving and shooting.

Vehicle Tactics

Vehicle Tactics will cover everything from proper use of cover, vehicle ballistic tests, react to contact, team movement, and even ramming.
All iterations are gleaned from lessons and techniques used by the most elite units in the world. There will be ZERO application of range theory. 
Body armor is recommended, but not required.

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 6.49.10 PM.png


Close Quarters Battle will only be open to clients of TDA that have attended other TDA rifle courses.
CQB is graduating from the flat range. The fundamentals of shooting must be in place to allow you to focus on technique of moving in a room with other shooters, and executing one of the most important aspects of a fight... making decisions.


CQB Footwork FOT

CQB footwork is a course focused on the fundamentals of movement on close quarters battle.  Students will spend time on basic procedures, room entry, cross and T intersections in hallways etc. as a member of a team.
Many of our students take this course as a train up for our live fire CQB course that TDA offers.  

Force On Target includes the use of simmunitons against targets only and NOT role players.

Hand to Hand Edged Weapons

This course is designed to develop a pragmatic gameplan for dealing with edged weapon attacks.
We will cut through the fantasy that is perpetuated in martial arts and allow participants to learn realistic solutions to common attacks.

Hand to Hand Combative Concepts

This unarmed combatives course is designed as an empty hand approach to violent conflict resolution, or a bridge to gain access to a higher force option. 
This is a carefully selected collection of logical, gross motor techniques that are effective under stress and easily installed into the subconscious. 
This course is suitable for beginners, but will also provide additional tools and tactics for experience martial artists/self protection 

Designated Marksman

DM is a 2 day course that will include zeroing, data gathering, data proving, positional shooting, barricade and obstacle shooting from 25-800 yards.
The platform most desirable for this course is a 556 semi auto rifle capable of 1.5 MOA or less with a variable power optic.
Shooters will need 350 rounds.
Match grade ammunition is required.

Exclusive 1911

Exclusive 1911 a pistol course dedicated to one of the most well-designed handguns in the world. With over 100 years of use, it has been refined and perfected more than any handgun platform that is still in widespread use. Just its trigger design alone is what all other handgun triggers are measured against, with extremely few coming close to matching it.
This course will include discussion of features, maintenance, manipulations, accuracy, and drills. Shooters will experience drills with an inclination directed towards its strengths, as well as courses of fire that will challenge its weaknesses.


Close Quarters Marksman


Close Quarters Marksman will be focused on accuracy and shot placement at varying distances from 75 yards and in.

Multiple variations and iterations of rifle to handgun transitions, lateral movement, and shooting positions will be taught, demonstrated, and executed both in a normal firing line iterations and individual runs.  There will be plenty of time challenge drills with very difficult accuracy standards.

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