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TDA provides in depth, and articulated firearms training and consulting for civilians, law enforcement, and educational institutions. We work with experience levels ranging from novice to advanced skill levels. Whether it be handguns, shotguns, rifles, LTC or force scenarios, we construct courses to fill the needs of our clients.

About the Instructor

Chief instructor Reagan Cole has been teaching professional courses for 10 years, and shooting competitively for over 16 years.

He was an early member of Texas Multigun and trained with some of the best shooters in 3 gun competition.

While working with Texas Multigun he has had the privilege of working as a range officer for many very respected companies including: LaRue Tactical, Spartan Tactical, and 3 Gun Nation.

Also, Reagan continues to train with Brian Mclendon, one of the top 5 production Steel Challenge shooters in the world, along with several newer companies including Green Eye Tactical.

Besides Reagan's experience and training, He is also certified as an instructor through the Department of Public Safety, The National Rifle Association, Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, and Texas Commission On Law Enforcement.

Reagan has also earned instructor certificates from several independent companies such as Combat Shooting and Tactics, and Green Eye Tactical.


working thru the ball and dummy drill
Taking a breath during CQB training
Quick visual instruction on tac reloads
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