Texas LTC course Schedule:  Kilgore, TX

July 11th

Aug. 29th

Oct. 24th

Dec. 5th

License To Carry (Formerly Concealed Handgun License)

Texas LTC course is desginated as a required course by the Department of Public Safety in order to obtain your License to Carry a handgun openly or concealed.  The legal requirements for this course are to have a minimum of 4 hours of instruction on the topics laid forth by the DPS, plus  the time to take a 25 question multiple choice test, and a 50-round shooting proficiency test.  Typically we will start at 8am, and wrap up before 3pm with a full class.  Students are encouraged to bring snacks or a small lunch to be able to make it through. Appropriate banter and discussion is encouraged, so invite your friends!


Course tuition is $70

Things you need for Your Texas License To Carry course:  A good attitude, pen, Driver's License or State ID, a hat or cap (for shooting test), eye and ear protection, and any medications that you might need for the day in the classroom, and the hour or two outside.


If you'd like to start your online application with the DPS, you can start the application ahead of time, but its not required.  When you file your application, there is a  $40 fee to the state, along with a $10 fee for electronic fingerprinting  that is required.  You have up to 2 years to submit your paperwork to the state.





We have many clients request a private Texas LTC course, so here are the requirements and options to host one.

1.  The minium course fee is $500, but we will let you spread that cost over up to 7 people.  every person over the 7 people adds another $72.  Example:  A 3 person or a 7 person class costs $500, an 8 person class costs $572, 9 person is $644 etc.  We encourage the client hosting the course to collect the fee ahead of time to avoid any attendance issues.


2.  We can use your home or land for the course, or use a public range.  Living rooms make great classrooms, and it ensures all your friends and family are comfortable, and feel confident in asking pertinant questions during the instruction.  We can utilize your HDMI capable TV, or one of ours for the presentation and videos. 

In order to use client land for the shooting test, we will need to view it via satellite in order to ensure a safe shooting area.  Clients are encouraged to check their own land also, as terrain features are not always distingushable from satellite view.



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